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BSGBIKES-woodb from BSG BIKES on Vimeo.

They talk about us

"the WOOD.b from BSG Bikes might look like a work of art, but it's meant to function as an urban bicycle."
Freshness Mag

"WOOD.b is an amazing riding piece designed by BSG Bikes that will sweep you off your feet with its vintage-modern design combination."

"It is this perfect balance that makes them timeless and almost too pretty to ride!"
Yanko Design

"There's certain things the French do that will make just about anyone jealous and this bike design by Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos from Strasbourg, France does just that."
Limité Magazine

"We've seen plenty of bikes in our time but this is a first! We applaud the gentlemen for taking a non-traditional route when it came to designing their bikes."
Street Chique Magazine

"Offrant une ligne magnifique, un très gros coup de coeur pour le superbe « WOOD.b », un splendide vélo doté d'un cadre en bois aux jointures d'acier imaginé par BSG Bikes."
Trends Now