How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bike Handlebars? – A Buyer’s Guide

If you are an avid biker, you must know how important it is to have comfortable bike rides. Your seat should be comfortable, along with the overall frame. Handlebars are one of the important things to consider when comfort is your top priority.

Before choosing the best hybrid bike handlebars, you have to make sure that your seat is aligned perfectly. Overall, three factors need your attention: width, application, and material. Moreover, your bike dealer can help you find the best fit.

Top 4 Hybrid Bike Handlebar Reviews

To make the search easy for you, we have made a small list of bike handlebars that can be an ideal option. Here’s a review of some of the best hybrid bike handlebars:

UPANBIKE Mountain Bike Handlebar

upanbike mountain bike handlebar


  • Reduces fatigue in arms and shoulders
  • Ideal for mountain bikes and road bikes
  • Comes with plastic grip pads
  • Has sponge covers as well
  • Multiple positions for hand placement


  • Easy to flex when standing


If you have a mountain or road bike standing in your garage or at your porch, we are sure that you will definitely take your ride out for a spin with these hybrid handlebars. Manufacturers have introduced these handlebars in two different diameters: one is one inch in diameter, and the other is 1.25 inches. The material of this handlebar is aluminum, and the bar end diameter is 0.874mm.

One of the best features of the Upanbike handlebar is that it comes with sponge covers and grip pads. The length of the sponge is 19.5mm, and its thickness is 10mm. Before putting on the sponge cover, it is always necessary to wax the handlebar. You can either do it with soapy water or a bicycle oil. It has a special design that makes sure that the rider’s arm and shoulders are always relaxed. Even if you have ridden your bike for hours, it still should not tire you. So if you are not satisfied with your older handlebar, then you can invest in this one. We guarantee you that it will not disappoint you.

Vincita Bicycle Drop Bar Ends

vincita bicycle drop bar ends


  • Easily turn a flat bar to an ergonomic handlebar
  • Ideal handlebar for most hybrid bikes
  • Doesn’t hurt your back
  • Extremely lightweight and strong
  • Perfectly easy to install


  • Has an overall shadow drop


If you are looking for a quick fix for your straight handlebar, then this can be your easy fix. When going on a long ride, you can easily change the position of your hands and move it to a comfortable place where it can reduce numbness and tingling sensation in your fingers. With your hand on these handlebars, you can change your position easily to elevate your back pain.

It is always wise to grab a measuring tape and measure the size of your handlebar before purchasing. A steel ruler can easily help you achieve this goal. This handlebar comes with a clamp, and it is designed for a handlebar of 8mm diameter.

Another amazing feature of this handlebar is that it is very easy to install. Once you have placed this handlebar, you can easily tighten the end of the handlebar with the help of a key. If you need more grip on the handlebar, you can easily put tape all around it. Moreover, Vincita handlebars are made up of sturdy and rigid alloy. It is a solid piece, which is very light, and once you have it installed, it will not lose its strength.

Origin8 Drop ends

hybrid bike handlebars


  • Made from alloy
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Features granulates finishing
  • Ideal clamp size for most bikes
  • Extremely light in weight


  • Don’t have a big opening at the end


If you often go trekking and have not been going for the past couple of days because your regular handlebar stresses your shoulder or back, then this can be your new and advanced handlebar. Most bikers are tired of investing in lucrative solutions to make their bikes more comfortable that they overlook cheaper and much effective solutions such as this one.

This handlebar comes with a clamp size of 0.8 inches in diameter, so if your bike is around this size, then use this right away. As these handlebars are made up of alloy, so they will not give up on you. Now you have a perfect reason to go for rides without worrying about your health. All you have to do is install this, and all is set.

UPANBIKE Bike Butterfly Handlebar

upanbike bike butterfly handlebar


  • Manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Ideal for long-distance riding and traveling
  • Has a special ergonomic design
  • Comes with thick sponge cover
  • Only weighs 600g


  • Not made of steel


This handlebar is a perfect choice for all bike enthusiasts who are into mountain biking, road biking, and trekking. Its special design means that it is a high and wide handlebar, which makes it perfect for bikers who usually like to ride uphill and cross country.

The length of this butterfly handlebar is 620mm, its clamp diameter is 31.8mm, the bar end diameter is 22.2mm, and it can easily rise to 120mm. If you have a bike that has a bike stem of 31.8mm, then this handlebar will fit perfectly. Moreover, the installation process of this handlebar is pretty simple.

If you need to add more grip, then you have to be kind and gentle with the placement of the thick sponges on the handlebar. The sponge you get is likely covered with dirt because that is how manufacturers get it. If you realize that your sponge is dirty, then you can easily wash it, dry it, and then put it back on. With this butterfly handle on your bike, we guarantee that your rides will be more pleasant and comfortable.

Types of Hybrid Bike Handlebars

If you go out in the market or even look online, you will come across a variety of handlebars. They are in different sizes, made up of different materials, and are available for a wide range of mountain, road, regular, and trek bikes. Let’s go over some of the types of hybrid bike handlebars so that you can easily land on the one that is ideal for you. Each one of these has a unique look and offers a different riding position to its riders.

Raised Handlebars

Raised handlebars, also known as riser handlebars, are a bit raised towards the section. If you are looking for a rather upright position for your body and prefer two hand positions, then this is the right pick for you. If you go on long journeys, then this might not be the right fit for you.

Drop Handlebars

Drop handlers look aesthetically-pleasing on the bike. It also offers excellent riding versatility. The frame structure of drop handlebars comes with a straight midsection, and it has a downward curve. One of the highlighting features of this drop handlebars is that you, as a biker, can easily place your hands on four different positions: you may hold it from the straight bar, or from the position where it is protruding a bit forward or inwards, or towards you.

Trekking Handlebars

If you like to take out your bike on longer journeys, then a trekking handlebar or otherwise known as a butterfly handlebar, is the best pick. Mostly, you will find these sorts of handlebars in Europe. You can easily change your hand positions if you want to bend forward for riding, gaining speed or minimizing air resistance.

Mustache Handlebars

As far as the shape of mustache handlers is concerned, it looks quite similar to the trekking handlebars. This type easily offers four different hand positions for riders. Three out of those four positions will support your body in an upright position. So if you are planning on taking long routes, then this handlebar can make your journeys pain-free.

Cow-horn Handlebars

Lastly, we have cow-horn handlebars on our list. These are also called bullhorn handlebars; these will give your bike a unique look. If you are more into off-road riding, then this one would be perfect for you. It can easily support three different positions. Moreover, these are suitable for riding a bike on pavements and gravel.


Now that you have the essentials and have information on all the key points that are necessary for hybrid bike handlers, you must choose the handlebar that is perfect for your bike. It is also wise to get reviews from your bike dealer and other bikers who are currently using handlebars. In that case, you will be able to get the right fit, leading to a comfortable ride.

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