JBM International Bike Helmet Review

When cycling, protecting your head is vital. However, you also want to ensure that you are not being slowed down or overheated by a helmet.

By choosing an aerodynamically designed bike helmet, you can enjoy the perks of speedy cycling with minimal drag as well as ventilation. The bike helmets from JBM give you the best of both worlds: safety protection and efficiency.

You never need to worry that you are being slowed down when wearing this JBM helmet for biking. Plus, it can be adjusted to fit both men’s and women’s heads, making it the perfect helmet for those looking for a stylish yet secure helmet option.

JBM International Bike Helmet

JBM International has adopted specialized ventilation and an aerodynamic design that allows air to move through the bike helmet with ease, helping increase your speed while keeping your head cool.

JBM International Bike Helmet Review

JBM International Bike Helmet Review

Who is This Product for?

Whether you are a mountain biker or a road racer, this JBM helmet will ensure that your head is protected in the event of a collision. Both men and women can wear this helmet, and it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s head.

What’s Included?

The package includes 1 adult cycling bike helmet that is available in 18 different colors, allowing you to select one to suit your personality or bike color. It also comes with a removable visor that can be used when it is windy, rainy, or sunny.

Overview of Features

This adult bike helmet is available in a standard size and features an easy-to-use dial and adjustable strap and side buckle that allow this helmet to be adapted to fit different head sizes, making it perfect for both men and women.

Regarding impact resistance, the JBM International bike helmet is made using a quality hard shell from sturdy and durable PVC and PC plastics and EPS foam which is specially designed to absorb any impact and protect your head in the event of a crash.

The use of specialized ventilation, the breathable foam, and the aerodynamic design ensure that you have great airflow through the helmet so that you are not slowed down and your head also remains cool when worn for extended periods of time.

The lightweight build of this helmet makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. It is available in 18 different colors so you can find a color that you like or one that matches the color of your bike.

This JBM International bike helmet has been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which means that it has met the required safety standards needed to protect your head in a collision.

This helmet is easily adjustable and the padded straps do not rub uncomfortably on your skin. The included visor ensures that you can safely ride your bike, even when there is wind or sun.

  • CAN ADJUSTABLE TO DIFFERENT HEAD SIZE: This adult cycling helmet goes with a standard size, equipped with the easy-use dial system and side straps make this nutcase helmet adjustable to different head size and suitable for both men and women.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: This nutcase bike helmet is specially designed for adult rider. Material use the tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam which help absorb the impact and protect the head during crash …

How to Use It

There is a knob to adjust the size of the inner helmet to ensure that it fits your head snuggly. The straps can be adjusted to fit under your chin and around the side of your head also using a dial.

Always check that you can fit one finger between the chin strap and your face, and that the strap does not impair your breathing at all. Do not forget to check your helmet regularly for cracks and dents, which could pose a risk to your safety in the event of a collision.


This bike helmet has been designed with the standard size for adults, and boasts a dial to adjust the helmet inner and side straps to fit your head and face. This helmet has been specially designed for road riding, keeping the weight to a minimum to reduce drag while keeping safety a focus.

The liner is made from breathable EPS foam that will absorb the shock in a collision, and this anti-shock function helps to avoid any neck jerking. The helmet is brightly colored so it is very visible to vehicles on the road.

It has been built for comfort, with the multiple vents keeping your head cool, while the inner sweatband controls perspiration during intense body movements. The DRBIKE helmet also comes with a safety light that is activated with the press of a button, making sure that you can be seen when cycling in darker conditions.


  • Customizable size
  • Tough and durable PVC and PC plastic build
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Specialized air vents offer ultimate ventilation
  • Meets CPSC safety standards, provides proper safety protection


  • Straps may loosen with movement
  • Not ideal for larger heads


Cycling is a well-loved sport by both men and women, but safety must always be considered first. The JBM bike helmet is the essential protective gear with which you can be comfortable and safe while out on the road on your bike.

Thanks to the large air vents and the comfortable, adjustable dials for the inner and straps, you have a helmet that won’t slow you down. Always be sure that you have correctly fitted the helmet, otherwise, it could come off if you are in a collision.

And, thanks to the 18 colors, you can find a helmet that perfectly suits you and your bike.

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